Pricing + Services


Wellness consult

$125/hour — 1 hour wellness consulting session over the topic of positive mindset conditioning, proper nutrition counseling, behavioral change, or physical activity. You’ll receive a customized workbook over the area that you want to focus on or a customized one week meal plan (nutrition counseling only), and lifestyle change steps to complete for success.

WellFit coaching program

$997- 90 day wellness transformation program that is all inclusive and tailored to your specific goals so that you can reach them and maintain them. This program is for anyone who is serious toward transforming their health in any way. CLICK HERE for more details.

Small Group Personal Training

$15-$18- I offer small group personal training for groups of 2-4 people. Price is based on length of session and priced per person. CLICK HERE for more details.

Wellness Follow-up

$40/Thirty minutes — For clients who have had a previous wellness consult only. Thirty minute follow-up wellness consult scheduled as needed for further help in areas that a client may be struggling with in their wellness or for further wellness advice.

Event Guest Speaker

Prices Vary — As a health and wellness professional and motivational speaker I speak at various events on various topics. Please contact me for inquiries for speaking events.