Long Term Nutritional Habits

Long Term Nutritional Habits

The biggest issue with starting a health and wellness journey isn’t working out it’s eating healthy and staying away from processed foods, fried foods, and sugary foods. If you have been reading my blog lately I’ve expressed my terrible sugar addiction that I beat, but it has recently snuck back into my life over the past few months. I’m sad to say it but I’m just being transparent and honest.

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Years ago when I started my personal journey to health and wellness I focused first on my nutrition habits and I found out quickly if I were going to succeed I would have to make it my LIFE and not just something I do here and there. I made healthy choices when I were out with friends and families at restaurants, I made my own desserts at home to control the ingredients and used healthier options for my favorite sweets, and I meal prepped and meal planned consistently. I had a huge success with all of this and reached and exceeded many health and wellness goals that I could not ever foresee happening.

All of this was not easy by any means. It was a daily conscious and mindful approach to make the right decisions so that I could feel better internally and look my best and feel stronger. Today I still struggle with my sugar addiction and as life gets busier I find it harder to keep up with my eating schedule of clean eating but I work at it EVERYDAY!!!

Over the past 6 months my biggest struggle has been with my hormones. HELLO 30 year old self. Literally when I turned 30 in August last year my hormones went crazy. I started craving sweets which was not a thing for many years. It would be the worst around the time when I’m about to begin my period and I started having terrible mood swings and couldn’t handle daily stresses. I literally thought I was having an early life crisis ya’ll it was getting pretty serious. I noticed during this time I would immediately resort back to candy and donuts. WTH!!!!

Once I recognized what was going on months later, I started into looking into ways to approach this relapse in my sugar addiction. What I noticed was..

  • I was ignoring feelings and covering them up with candy or other sugary foods

  • I wasn’t being true to myself

  • I was in a stressful period of my life

  • I needed to SLOW DOWN and take some time for myself

  • I was battling self image issues

Now all of this literally has NOTHING to do with food whatsoever, but it did affect the food choices that I made especially when it came to sugary foods. SO the point of all this is to understand that our nutritional habits stem from our emotional being. When we are not in a optimal emotional state it can and will show through how we feed our bodies. And when we feel our bodies crappy foods that don’t nourish our bodies we in turn feel terrible and those emotional issues never resolve themselves.

Today I can sit here and say that I’m back on track and recovering from this sugar addiction relapse and beginning to work on my emotional being. I know that this is a lifelong journey not just a three or six month journey. I accept that and will accept the times when I’m not on it 100% because in the end I’m HUMAN and not PERFECT! Even as a health and wellness professional I have my flaws when it comes to my own health, but that doesn't mean I give up or only show people like yourself the happy, perfect side of me.

I hope this blog resonated with you, or maybe it didn’t either way I wanted to share this person perspective with you in hope that you’ll identify any health and wellness struggles that you may be going through and learn to accept them and work through them. In the meantime come join myself and other women who are on their own health and wellness journey over in my Women’s Guide to Wellness Facebook Group :-)

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Self Love = Complete Wellness

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