Mindful? Or Distracted?

Mindful? Or Distracted?

In today’s technology driven world it has become increasingly difficult to unplug and just…..

Be in our thoughts

Be in our mind

Be in peace

Be with ourselves.

I know this feeling too well as a small business owner and someone who wears multiple hats. I can find it extremely difficult to unplug and just be. Over the past year I have focused strongly on my mindset wellbeing and working on me on a personal and deep level that I have never done before and it has been a wild and exciting journey. I have found out so much about myself that was hidden and ways to overcome some old beliefs about myself and fears that have held me back in many areas of my life.

Our mindsets are so powerful and it’s the #1 reason why it’s the first thing I help my wellness coaching clients with when they begin working with me. I’m a true believer in creating a strong positive mindset so that we can accomplish ANYTHING in life, but that means we must learn how to disconnect and not stay distracted in this busy social media driven world of ours. There are many different mindful techniques out there to help you disconnect from the world and connect with your inner being and I want want to share a few with you today along with some helpful resources.

#1 Meditation. I have said this before and I will say it again...meditation is a powerful tool that is underutilized yet it’s so simple do and quick. I recommend meditation first thing when you awake in the morning or before a stressful event for at least 5 mins daily. A useful app for guided meditation is the Heaspace app.

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#2 Breathing. I know you do this unconsciously all day everyday, but let’s actually focus on your breathing for at least 1 minute per day. The apple watch has an awesome app that reminds you to take deep breaths in 1 min intervals or you can simply set a timer and do this on your own. It’s such a stress reliever.

#3 Yoga. Not only is is beneficial for the body it’s great for the mind! I recommend a yoga practice twice a week if possible. My favorite website for full length free yoga videos is DoYogaWithMe.com.

#4 Daily gratitude and journaling. Journaling is the bomb.com!!! It’s a stress reliever and I love to put down three things I’m grateful for daily. It puts in perspective everything great going on in my life even when times feel hard and difficult. There is always something positive to focus on. Get yourself a beautiful journal and get to writing.

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What mindful techniques will you try so you can connect with your inner being?

Download my list of journaling prompts that will pushup to identify you inner being and connect to your true self.

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