Things To Know Before Hiring A Fitness/Wellness Pro


Ok let me just put this out there... I’m sick and tired of people paying hundreds of dollars on quick fixes and crappy personal trainers! Unfortunately a common trend in the fitness and wellness field are these wannabe personal trainers, health coaches, fitness instructors, etc. who are not qualified professionals to take money from people who are trying to better themselves.

Please do your research before you hire a fitness/wellness professional! Do your research just like you would a medical doctor. Seriously, would you hire a doctor who had no education or certification?

You’re hiring someone to help you with your health and wellness so that person must be QUALIFIED!

I could literally go on for days on this topic but to keep it short and simple, I have 4 questions that you should ask yourself before you hire a fitness/wellness professional:

  1. Are they certified & current?

  2. How long have they been a fitness/wellness professional?

  3. Do they have a specialty?

  4. Are they CPR certified & current?

Watch my latest YouTube as I go into more details on these four important things to know before you hire a fitness professional.

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