Are you ready for a transformational fitness experience?

Looking to stop struggling with reaching your fitness and wellness goals?

Ready to take control of your health & wellness to feel great, confident, and happier?

I have the PROGRAM for you!!!!

As a seasoned Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach I have worked with many women who have struggled for years with their health and wellness and have tried many different products, services all to still not get them to where they want to be in their wellness.

It’s sad but true because most programs only focus on one or another component of health and wellness.

Hire a personal trainer to only work on your fitness.

Hire a nutritionist to only help you with nutrition.

The list goes on…..

What 99% of women need is a total wellness transformation that focuses on all aspects on health & wellness & that my friend is why I created my WellFIT 90 Day Transformation Program.

The WellFIT Program focuses on all components of health not just one area. When one component is out of whack you’ll never reach your true goals or potential and you’ll only be minimally satisfied and unfortunately this is when most people give up on their health and wellness journey.

With the WellFIT 90 Day Program you’ll

  • create a healthy relationship with food so that you can nourish your body without depriving it.

  • find that love for yourself again so that you can have better relationships with loved ones and friends, oh and did I mention the confidence boost!

  • reduce your chances of future chronic illness or even lower your current symptoms related to a chronic illness you may be suffering with.

  • drop those extra unwanted pounds so that you feel great in your clothing and not self conscious.

  • increase your stamina and strength so that you can enjoy daily activities life provides free of ailments.

  • lastly, learn what it take to create a true healthy lifestyle through behavioral change.

During the WellFit 90 Day Program you’ll receive:

  1. a complete 90 day meal plan based on your specific goals and macros.

  2. biweekly coaching sessions with me highlighting various health & wellness topics and Q&A’s.

  3. workbooks to help you reflect and focus on the total scope and the big WHY of why you want to reach your goals with steps to help you make it happen!

  4. 90 day workout plan via a fitness app (or in personal if local).

  5. BONUS: because I want you to live your best life! An extra 30 day access to the fitness app so that’s 120 days of a fitness program THAT WORKS!!!!

WARNING: this program isn’t for individuals who make excuses! It’s only for those who are truly looking to invest and change their health & wellness so that they can live their BEST HEALTHY LIFE! Also, this is not a COOKIE CUTTER program and all individuals have curated plans according to their goals! We are all different.

Your investment in your health

3 monthly payments of $375


save $120 with an upfront payment of $997

Enrollment is open for July 2019. Limited spaces are available.