Before using Christian’s personal training services through her app, I was in a moderate state of health. Christian is very accommodating, passionate about her clients progress, and motivational. By using her fitness training app, I now have more endurance, flexibility, and a toner body. It’s a complete lifestyle change for me so now I’m looking forward to increased health goals regarding my body and eating habits.

— Eureka C.

Happy Clients


I love the individual attention Christian provides me and how she has help me increase my strength and tone up. Before working with Christian, my fitness level was average and I just did Zumba throughout the week. The significant changes I have seen in my body from working with Christian are that I’m now getting toned, I’m stronger, and my core is finally strong. Christian has truly helped me take my fitness to the next level. My next step is to take it up a notch again. Keep living life with Confidence and Strength!

— Michelle M.

I just feel stronger since I have began working out with Christian. And feeling stronger has boosted my self confidence. I really enjoy going to the gym and giving all have to the workouts the Christian has put together for me. My health was very stagnant before working with Christian. I have never been sedentary...but but I wasn’t challenging myself enough. I love Christian’s energy...and smiling face. My health/life is now more active than was become my lifestyle. Christian has given me the tools necessary to continue this healthy active lifestyle.

— Crystal P.

I love working with Christian. The thing I struggle with the most is convincing myself to keep pushing even when I want to give up but she's a great motivator and makes me feel like I can do anything. Before working with Christian, I was a pretty average college student, working out occasionally, eating what I could afford, and with that not particularly healthy. Now, I'm much more deliberate about what I eat and I've gained a tremendous amount of strength in my arms and upper body. I used to have no upper body strength and I'm now lifting weights I never thought I'd be able to lift. I've also lost almost 3 inches in my waist since I began in November where as before I wasn't really getting anywhere. I've learned how to live a much healthier lifestyle. I'm going to continue to put better things in my body and work to get my body in the best shape I've ever been in.

— Darcy T.