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·      Believing in yourself and that YOU CAN manage your weight successfully for life

·      Eating healthy and freedom from dieting

·      Creating a healthy lifestyle change that promotes weight loss and freedom from future health complications



The Renewed You Group Coaching Program is the only women’s health coaching program that focuses on weight management through positive mindset, healthy nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral change.

This women’s heath coaching program is in a league of it’s own with step by step approaches to creating a healthy lifestyle that not only help you take control of your weight management but also help you love yourself 100% and believe in yourself again! I help you regain your health, lose the weight, and keep it off for good! No more quick fixes, with the Master It program you’ll make changes that will last a lifetime. My clients have often mentioned how the Master It program was exactly what they needed in order to take control of their weight management issues. 



The Renewed You Group Health Women’s Health Coaching program is a five week group health coaching program that includes:

-Weekly workbooks

-Weekly LIVE group coaching webinars over course material with Q&A

- Four week complete meal plan

-Four week complete workout plan 

-Private access to Facebook group for support

- Only $197

The Doors to the program are officially open for a limited time! Grab you spot today and begin the transformation toward a new you that is healthier and happier!

Enrollment August 6-August 13th! For August Session which starts August 13!