My Services Are LIT!

My Services Are LIT!

Hello there!

As you know I’m a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, but today I want to get clear about WHAT I ACTUALLY DO!

You know the title, but what does that actually mean when it comes to my services? So I’m here to tell you exactly what I do and what services I offer. So let’s begin….


I help busy professional women and mothers create and maintain healthy lifestyles through simple steps and behavioral change. I combine the practice of behavioral conditioning through health coaching and physical fitness through personal training to help busy women create a true change that will last within their health.

I currently offer 4 different wellness coaching programs which are all four weeks long. Each one focuses on a different area of wellness: mindset, nutrition, behavioral change, and physical activity. I help the individual in a specific area of wellness that they are currently struggling with the most. Each wellness coaching includes personal training via my fitness app or in person if they are local.

I also offer a fitness app that includes a monthly workout calendar and exercise videos for individuals who want to workout on their own time or for those who want just a physical fitness program to follow.


Another service I offer is a 1 Hour Wellness Consult Calls where I help an individual with a specific wellness struggle that they have at the moment and we work through the issue and I provide take away steps to accomplish it.


What makes me stand out from the crowd of other health coaches and personal trainers is my expertise in program planning and implementation. As a holder of a Masters of Public Health I have mastered the ability to create programs that focus on behavioral change in order to help individuals make true long lasting changes instead of temporary fixes. Also, my fitness programs are tried and true to provide real and lasting results in body composition, and increases in strength.

Check out my services page to book a service with me or schedule a FREE 45 minute wellness consult with me so we can see how I can best serve you!

What’s the deal with MACROS?

What’s the deal with MACROS?