This Simple Practice Is Life Saving


Last year I went to a fitness event called Wanderlust in Houston, TX with my Fit Friends. It was a great experience but we did something at Wanderlust that I had never experienced before... During the event we meditated for 15 mins!


Before Wanderlust, I had never ever in my life meditated. I actually thought it was weird and pointless to be honest. I had often heard about people meditating and how it helped with their mental health but I wasn’t sold on it, even though I had never tried it.


But during Wanderlust when we meditated it was the most exhilarating thing ever! To be still in silence and think made me feel like a brand new person afterward and I became hooked and took a vow to practice meditation during my daily life.


I started by just taking 10 minutes a day to meditate. I usually do this first thing in the morning, but sometimes depending on if my three year old is awake (lol), I will just take 10 minutes out of my day. It feels amazing to take 10 minutes a day to myself and to be still and reflect on myself and life in general!


During my meditation practice I usually pray, think about a goal that I have, go over a positive affirmation, or just try to clear my head of everything going on. Meditation has helped me in so many different aspects in my life and I’ve only been practicing it for a few months. Meditation has improved my mental health, self-esteem, mood, and my stress levels!


Research from the American Health Association has showed that meditation also has a role in reducing heart disease risk (AHA, 2017). This is a significant and important finding, so I challenge you to try meditation this week! It could even be for only two minutes! Find a quiet space and sit or lie down on your back. Clear your mind as best as you can and reflect on yourself. Trust me you’ll feel a difference afterward and become hooked like I did when I first meditated!


Head over to my healthy lifestyle community and let us know how your first meditation session went for you!