How I Started My Fitness Business

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Fitness has always been a passion for me and I absolutely LOVE everything about fitness. I have always worked out and been active my whole life.

And after I got married and moved overseas, I started really hitting the gym hardcore! During this time period I had friends who were moms and I started helping them create a fitness routine to help them bounce back from their pregnancies and feel great in their skin again. I would also workout with them and it was so much fun! During this time, I noticed how much I loved helping others with their fitness and it was something I was passionate about.

Overseas I also took my first Zumba Fitness class and I FELL IN LOVE!

It was a blast and it was such a great workout. After attending Zumba classes for a year, our instructor moved back to America and all of our class participants pushed me a little and encouraged me to become a Zumba Instructor. So then I took a local certification and started teaching my own Zumba classes in Italy. Now this is where the magic really happened! I had a huge success with my Zumba classes and knew that I wanted to help people even more with their fitness!



Fast forward a year later, I moved back to America and had my first child.

Things were a little different. Now I knew a lot about fitness of course, but now I had to learn how to lose weight because I had about 30 lbs to lose and a lot of toning up to do! So I started by working on myself and creating a healthy lifestyle that promoted significant weight loss and strength building. At this time I knew I wanted to become a personal trainer so I took my certification through ACE. I landed a job as a Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness where I lived and then I ended up moving AGAIN!


Catch the rest of this story of how I branched out on my own in the fitness industry and started my fitness and wellness business, Lifestyle Fitness with Christian from my single car garage!


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