5 Reasons To Hire A Fitness Pro

Have you ever thought about working with a fitness professional? Many people have but sometimes they may feel as if they don’t really need one and that they can start their fitness journey on their own or reach their next fitness journey on their own. Well to be honest you can ABSOLUTELY do it on your own- 100%, but chances are you’ll need a little bit of help along the way. To be honest, fitness professionals hire other fitness professionals to help us and this is what we do for a living! Crazy huh? Well it’s because not everyone knows EVERYTHING about fitness or reaching their next goal so we reach out to others for help. For example, I have a personal trainer that I work with online at times for my personal weight training workouts and I go to a local box for my crossfit workouts. Can I do it on my own? ABSOLUTELY. Do I want to? NOT REALLY. Especially when I need a push or to learn a new technique.


Check out my top #5 reasons on why YOU should hire a fitness professional to help you reach your next fitness goals in the video below!



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What is Functional Training?

What the heck is functional training?

I often get this confused look when a new client comes in for an assessment and when I get to the part where I tell them what type of personal trainer I am and my physical training style they look completely lost or just shake their head like " oh yea ummmhmmmm". LOL As a Certified Personal Trainer the terminology we use at times can be tricky and confusing so I wanted to educate you all of what functional training is and some ways that you can incorporate it into your own fitness regime. 

Let's dive right into functional training..

I would like to do this blog in a Q & A format so here goes to give you the quick straight to the point details of functional training. Trust me it's super simple!

What is functional training?

It's a way of physical training that prepares your body to work properly for daily functions and also places an emphasis on core stability.

How can it help me reach my fitness goals?

It will help alleviate muscle imbalances within the body, decrease body fat percentage, gain muscle strength, and increase endurance levels. It's also great for preventing plateaus during a fitness regime.

How can I incorporate functional training into my workouts?

Focus of bodyweight exercises and single arm, single leg movements. Create a timed interval workout that will focus on all areas of your body. 




How To Use My Fitness App

I’m excited and proud to announce my new fitness app!

I’m super thrilled because this app gives people the opportunity to work with me even if they don’t live locally where I live. It’s also super convenient and you can workout on your own time in the gym or at home!



What’s so awesome about my fitness app?


  • It’s super easy to use

  • Everything is built into the app

  • It has a personalized fitness calendar

  • Nutrition plans are an option

  • Minimum equipment is required for workouts

  • You can also chat with me directly in the app!


Check out this quick video on how to use my fitness app and how easy it is to get fit right from your phone!


How I Started My Fitness Business
How I Started my fitness & health business.png

Fitness has always been a passion for me and I absolutely LOVE everything about fitness. I have always worked out and been active my whole life.

And after I got married and moved overseas, I started really hitting the gym hardcore! During this time period I had friends who were moms and I started helping them create a fitness routine to help them bounce back from their pregnancies and feel great in their skin again. I would also workout with them and it was so much fun! During this time, I noticed how much I loved helping others with their fitness and it was something I was passionate about.

Overseas I also took my first Zumba Fitness class and I FELL IN LOVE!

It was a blast and it was such a great workout. After attending Zumba classes for a year, our instructor moved back to America and all of our class participants pushed me a little and encouraged me to become a Zumba Instructor. So then I took a local certification and started teaching my own Zumba classes in Italy. Now this is where the magic really happened! I had a huge success with my Zumba classes and knew that I wanted to help people even more with their fitness!



Fast forward a year later, I moved back to America and had my first child.

Things were a little different. Now I knew a lot about fitness of course, but now I had to learn how to lose weight because I had about 30 lbs to lose and a lot of toning up to do! So I started by working on myself and creating a healthy lifestyle that promoted significant weight loss and strength building. At this time I knew I wanted to become a personal trainer so I took my certification through ACE. I landed a job as a Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness where I lived and then I ended up moving AGAIN!


Catch the rest of this story of how I branched out on my own in the fitness industry and started my fitness and wellness business, Lifestyle Fitness with Christian from my single car garage!


Check out my full story below.

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This Simple Practice Is Life Saving

Last year I went to a fitness event called Wanderlust in Houston, TX with my Fit Friends. It was a great experience but we did something at Wanderlust that I had never experienced before... During the event we meditated for 15 mins!


Before Wanderlust, I had never ever in my life meditated. I actually thought it was weird and pointless to be honest. I had often heard about people meditating and how it helped with their mental health but I wasn’t sold on it, even though I had never tried it.


But during Wanderlust when we meditated it was the most exhilarating thing ever! To be still in silence and think made me feel like a brand new person afterward and I became hooked and took a vow to practice meditation during my daily life.


I started by just taking 10 minutes a day to meditate. I usually do this first thing in the morning, but sometimes depending on if my three year old is awake (lol), I will just take 10 minutes out of my day. It feels amazing to take 10 minutes a day to myself and to be still and reflect on myself and life in general!


During my meditation practice I usually pray, think about a goal that I have, go over a positive affirmation, or just try to clear my head of everything going on. Meditation has helped me in so many different aspects in my life and I’ve only been practicing it for a few months. Meditation has improved my mental health, self-esteem, mood, and my stress levels!


Research from the American Health Association has showed that meditation also has a role in reducing heart disease risk (AHA, 2017). This is a significant and important finding, so I challenge you to try meditation this week! It could even be for only two minutes! Find a quiet space and sit or lie down on your back. Clear your mind as best as you can and reflect on yourself. Trust me you’ll feel a difference afterward and become hooked like I did when I first meditated!


Head over to my healthy lifestyle community and let us know how your first meditation session went for you!