Master It: the only women’s health coaching program that focuses on weight management by helping women create positive mindsets, healthy balanced nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral change.


Are you a woman who struggles

·      with weight management and have tried everything but nothing seems to work?

·      with believing that you can successfully manage your weight?

·      with health ailments and physical limitations related to being overweight?



Does your dream future include…

·      finally being able to manage your weight successfully?

·      feeling great about yourself and having complete self-confidence?

·      free of any future health problems or pains that you might have suffered before due to being over weight?



I know that right now you're struggling with…

·      believing in yourself and that YOU CAN manage your weight successfully

·      eating healthy and freedom from dieting

·      creating a healthy lifestyle change that promotes weight loss and freedom from future health complications



Hello There..

hi I’m Christian Scott, an ACE certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer with an MPH who has had huge success with helping women break through their struggles with weight management. Not only have I helped women lose weight, but I have helped them establish and accomplish lifestyle changes that promote a healthier and happier future for themselves. I coach women on how to manage their weight by helping them create positive mindsets, understand proper nutrition without dieting, understand appropriate exercise methods for their specific body, and by helping them create behavioral change.

I created my signature Master It program to help women in areas of weight management that are essential to success. I absolutely love what I do and have a real passion for it. Being able to help someone and be a part of a life change is so fulfilling. The best part about my Master It program is that it entails the same EXACT steps I took toward creating a healthy lifestyle change and losing the extra weight that I couldn’t seem to loose after having my son. So I know the STRUGGLE, and yes it’s REAL, but it’s doable with the correct coaching and most importantly MINDSET.


My signature program Master It is the only women’s health coaching program that focuses on weight management through a positive mindset, healthy nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral change.

This women’s health coaching program is in a league of its own with step by step approaches to creating a healthy lifestyle that not only helps you take control of your weight management but also helps you love yourself 100% and believe in yourself again! I help you regain your health, lose the weight, and keep it off for good! No more quick fixes! In the Master It program, you’ll make changes that will last a lifetime. My clients have often mentioned how the Master It program was exactly what they needed in order to take control of their weight management issues. 


Who Is This Program For?

This Master It program is for any woman who has had struggles managing her weight & needs to lose at least 20 lbs or more and reduce her body fat percentage. Master It is a program for women who feel like they have tried it all but with little to no success, and for women who are looking for a lifestyle change that will promote weight loss and prevent future health complications related to being overweight. The Master It program is available both online & in person!




I boost your self-confidence and help you focus on a positive mindset when it comes to managing your weight. I help you create the mindset that is essential for success during your weight loss journey. You will create a true mindset shift and forget about all negative thoughts you had previously about managing your weight.


I coach you on the true way to nourish your body and manage your weight at the same time without DIETING! You’ll learn the essential steps for eating right without feeling restricted from certain foods. You can enjoy food all while eating clean and manage your weight.


I help you understand which workouts are most appropriate for weight loss that are plateau proof! I’ll help you take the mystery out of working out and show you the ropes to creating your own workouts, and help you take steps that will condition you for your workout even on your busiest days.


Lifestyle change is what it is all about in the end. Anyone can lose weight, but the key question is can you manage it? This is where I help you create lifestyle changes through behavioral changes. Helping you change certain behaviors that are holding you back from your key to success in managing your weight. 



1.     You’ll achieve a positive mindset that will help you on your health journey

2.     Self-confidence in yourself that you can be successful at managing your    weight

3.     Learn how to stop dieting and how to eat clean and healthy

4.     How to properly fuel your body without restrictions

5.     Better understanding of food ingredients and how they affect weight management

6.     A healthier relationship with food

7.     How to workout for your body type to lose weight

8.     How to prevent exercise plateaus

9.     How to live an entirely healthy lifestyle free from restrictions

10.  Lower your chance of contracting a chronic illness that is weight related

 Program Layout

Every woman who comes to me for help has her own weight loss journey. I have created THE MASTER IT program to be completely curated to the individual because everyone’s journey is unique. You will work with me 1-1 in the Master It program on the following: nutrition, mindset, physical activity, and behavioral change. Each Topic is one month long and you'll have two 1-1 sessions with me during this time. Below details what each Month consists of.





    Month 1:Mindset Health Coaching

  ➣ Two 1-1 health coaching sessions

➣ Reflection Workbook

➣ Unlimited access to me with any questions

 ➣ Complete Meal Plan & Fitness App Access



   Month 2:Nutrition Health Coaching

➣ Two 1-1 health coaching sessions

➣ Reflection Workbook

➣ Complete Meal Plan & Fitness App Access

➣ Unlimited access to me with any questions

Month 3: Physical Activity Health Coaching

  ➣ Two 1-1 health coaching sessions

➣ Complete Meal Plan & Fitness App Access

➣ Reflection Workbook

➣ Unlimited access to me with any questions



Month 4: Behavioral Change Health Coaching

o Two 1-1 health coaching sessions

o reflection workbooks

o Complete Meal Plan & Fitness App Access

o Unlimited access to me with any questions


Are You Ready For Change?

Are you ready for change?

The Master It program is for women who are truly looking to create a healthy lifestyle change that promotes weight loss the healthy way!

I know the weight loss struggle but conquered it!

 I lost 30 lbs that seemed never to leave my body  kept it off

I decreased my body fat percentage from an unhealthy zone to a healthy zone

 I have created a genuinely healthy lifestyle that I LOVE

 I have helped numerous women do the same thing

I have an MPH and I'm a BOSS when it comes to creating programs that provide proven results.

My personal journey and experience working with other women like yourself are proof in how I can help you manage your weight and lead you to a healthier lifestyle!





Master It Is For You If

  • Tired of struggling with managing your weight
  • Need to lose 20 lbs or more
  • At risk for or already have chronic illness related to being overweight
  • Ready to have more self-confidence
  • Desire to be stress-free
  • Desire to feel great again
  • Willing to work on all aspects of health physically and mentally
  • Have a go getter mindset
  • Willing to lead a truly healthy lifestyle


Master It Is NOT For You If

  • You're lazy
  • Your looking for a quick fix
  • Not willing to listen and follow guidance from a professional
  • You're stuck in your ways
  • A victim of yourself
  • Not ready to invest in you health

Many women like yourself struggle with their weight and feel as if they have tried everything in the book to lose the weight and keep it off. This program is exactly for you and what you need at this point in your health and weight loss journey. Think of it this way…. You can continue to suffer and feel bad for yourself, or you can take a leap today and start the journey to a healthier lifestyle that will rid you of all the insecurities you have had in the past, learn how to manage your weight truly, and drop the pounds and keep them off for GOOD! We all choose how we spend our money. Will you spend your money on your health so you can feel better and become a better YOU or will you spend your money on a surgery that could have been prevented, medications that could have been eliminated, and suffering from side effects that most medications cause? Spaces in my Master It program are limited and to be honest I don’t work with anyone. I’m looking for a strong woman who is truly ready and willing to make an actual lifestyle change that will provide her with the life she will love and enjoy.

Master It Women’s Weight Loss Health Coaching Investment

$3,000 Paid in full


$799 per month

Claim your spot in my Master It Women’s Weight Loss Health coaching program and take advantage of opportunity to create true change in your health and wellness while there are still slots available.


Ready To Drop

all the excuses and the quick fixes for your weight loss journey? Once you sign up by CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW you’ll begin your application process for the Master It Program so we can begin your weight loss journey as soon as possible! Limited spots are available so don’t delay your chance another minute of working with me and finally reaching your weight loss goals and lifestyle transformation.

I GET IT....

You’ve been here before trying to decide if you should invest in your weight loss journey before right? Well if you're serious about losing the weight and keeping it off you’ll start TODAY, not tomorrow, not when the time is right, not next month! If you want to feel better about yourself, lose the weight and keep it off, and make an actual  healthy lifestyle change that will last you’ll claim your spot today in the Master It Women’s Weight Loss Health Coaching Program. Your time is NOW!

Here is proof that the Master It program works! Check out how I followed the same exact steps that I created for the Master It  program to achieve my weight loss and health goals. I am now in the best shape of my life even after having a child than I was before my son was born. What changed? My mindset, how I viewed nutrition, my workouts, and my lifestyle! This is what the Master It program is all about, and IT WORKS!




Have Questions?

Still have more questions on the Master It program? No problem. Contact me today and let’s chat more about how I can help you change your lifestyle and drop those unwanted pounds the healthy way. Feel free to email me at and I will respond back within 2 hours of receiving your email. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your health journey. If you have the correct mindset, tools, and help you’ll reach your goals no matters how many times you have failed in the past
— Christian Scott