Frequently Asked Questions


Do you only work with women?

All wellness health coaching services are for women only.

My fitness app, group challenges, and meal plans are for men & women.

How do I book a Service?

You can go to the Schedule Appointment section in the menu or simply email me for booking a service or your choice.

do you provide services for corporate businesses?

YES! You can contact me for more details and to chat about what service your looking for in your corporate business.

How many follow-up appointments can I schedule?

As many as you may need! There is no limit to helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

Can you speak at an upcoming event?

YES! Please contact me on more details on hiring me as a speaker for you event.

can i do a shorter version of the 1-1 wellness health coaching program?

NO. My one on one Wellness Health Coaching is designed specifically for a four month experience so that you can see long lasting result sin your health and wellness journey.

Can I make payments for the 1-1 wellness health coaching program?

YES! A payment plan is available for the one on one wellness coaching program. You have to options of paying in full or paying $500/ month over the four months during the program.

what if I’m a stay at home mom can i still work with you?

ABSOLUTELY!!! In my opinion stay at home moms have a huge responsibility and and busy professionals at what they do!

I see that your a certified personal trainer. Can I hire you as my personal trainer?

Yes you can!!! I have many different offerings for 1-1 personal training as well as small group personal training. More details are on my site HERE.

do your group challenges change?

YES! Be sure to check the this website under the services area frequently to see what challenge is about to begin and details for enrollment and starting dates.

what topics do you speak on for events?

I speak on various health and wellness topics. Contact me so we can chat on what your event details are and how I can be of help for you.