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Christian Scott, MPH, CHC, & CPT

I’m Christian Scott, ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, and it’s my goal to help women achieve complete wellness through lifestyle and behavioral modification. I help women create and maintain healthy lifestyles by providing easy to follow behavioral modifications that are easy to implement. By helping women create healthy lifestyles, I am able to help each and every individual decrease their likelihood of chronic illness so they can excel in their profession. It is my mission to show busy professional women that true health and wellness can be achieved through simple and time effective steps for complete wellness.

 Fast Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a complete science geek

  • I have my Masters in Public Health

  • I’m a snowboarder

  • I lived overseas in Italy for four years and have been to 20 countries.

  • I used to be 30 lbs overweight and at risk for hypertension at an early age due to poor lifestyle habits

  • I’m a health and wellness professional, but I am not PERFECT and that’s ok!

  • I love people and I’m driven by the Christ within me!

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