If it’s about leading a healthy lifestyle inside and out…. then I’m your girl for helping you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE through wellness!


Let’s begin here, (check all the apply): I’m here because I………

  • am tired of feeling uncomfortable in my clothing.

  • drained of energy throughout my day.

  • have struggles with eating a healthy balanced diet.

  • have tried many different approaches to reach my fitness goals with no true results.

  • want to be happy, confident, and have a positive outlook on my life.

  • want to live my BEST LIFE through mind, body, and soul.

Let me tell you that there is no wrong answer. If any or ALL of the above apply to you, you’re in the right spot!


I’m Christian Scott, and it’s my goal to use my personal experiences and professional expertise to coach you on how to achieve complete wellness through holistic approaches that focus on MINDSET, NUTRITION, & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

I want you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE so that you are more confident in yourself, feel great in your body, learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, and achieve all the POSITIVE VIBES in life while reaching those wellness goals you desire!

Now who am I really?

I have my Master’s in Public Health and I’m a ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer. I have been in the fitness industry to 6 years and it truly is my God given talent helping others become healthier. I’m also a group fitness instructor who teaches various formats with ZUMBA being my favorite.

I’m known by my clients and class participants as the “MOTIVATOR” because I’m known to motivate and connect with each individual to push themselves even harder, especially when they want to give up on themselves. I place an importance of actually connecting with my clients because relationships are the key to success!


Why lead a healthy lifestyle?

In America today inactivity contributes to $117 billion in annual healthcare cost and 10% of premature mortality so it’s extremely important to focus on overall wellness.

In today’s world we are extremely reliant upon medication to help alleviate chronic illnesses which are preventable. In turn these medication eventually create more issues with our health that put us in a downward spiral. How do I know?

I have witnessed it first hand with loved ones close to me who eventually lost battles to chronic preventable illnesses at an early age. having chronic illness on both sides of my family caused me to be serious and take control of my own health and wellness with my lifestyle choices.

It’s not just about appearances it’s about my LIFE and being able to live my BEST LIFE so that I can be there for my loved ones and help those who are struggling in their own health and wellness.

The truth is the we CAN fix our health with holistic approaches that focus on mindset, nutrition, and exercise. I’ve helped numerous women including myself achieve complete wellness without relying on medications and numerous doctors visits.

I have many clients tell me how working with me is cheaper than their copays and that they feel 100% better. I’m just put on this planet to help women achieve their BEST LIFE and I’m blessed and thankful for the ones that I have been able to create change in.

Random Facts about me

  1. I’m a complete science geek

  2. I’m a snowboarder

  3. Traveling is my hobby (22 countries and counting)

  4. I lived in Italy for four years

  5. I married my husband without him meeting me family (we are still happily married 8 years later than goodness whew)

  6. I love people and I’m driven by the Christ within me

Ready to take change in your own health & wellness journey? I’d love to help you out by giving you a FREE 45 minute Wellness Consult Call. During this call we can chat about your biggest struggle in your health and wellness journey. I’d love to help you take control and begin the journey toward complete wellness. Schedule HERE.