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Helping busy professional women who struggle with creating & maintaining healthy lifestyles by focusing on mindset, nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral modification in order to achieve complete long lasting wellness by focusing on quick and simple habits to adopt.


My Services

I offer many different services for busy professional women to help them create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From 1-1 health coaching to done for you meal plans. There is a service that can help you with your wellness journey.

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How I Can Help you Achieve Wellness

As a busy professional it can be hard to focus on your health and wellness. I can help you with quick and easy to apply behavioral changes that will provide long lasting wellness even with your busy schedule.

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Weekly Blog

Check out my weekly wellness blog with tips, inspiration, and motivation for staying healthy while busy.

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Christian Scott, MPH

Find out more about me and who I serve and why I love the profession of helping busy women take control of their health and wellness.


I help take the stress out of your wellness journey and provide easy to follow steps toward getting you into better health.


A Curated Experience

Everyones journey is different! I meet you where you are in you wellness journey and curate a program that is specific for you